Anal bleaching refers to a treatment that is administered to someone’s backside. It involves rubbing of an acid to a freshly waxed anus. A chocolate-based wax ideal for use in sensitive body parts is used in the procedure. The acid is the one that lightens up the dark anal skin. There are several types of treatments that have been suggested to provide optimal anal bleaching results. However, it is advisable to use a product that is specially formulated for the procedure. The product is called intimate lightening cream and is used for sensitive parts such as vagina, penis, anus, underarms and nipples.

Is anal bleaching good for men and women?

fasgfsa65shgsaThe trend has become very popular among TV actresses and porn stars. According to studies carried, it is found out that the procedure is on the rise among those that love anal sex. Additionally, a majority of the spas that sell anal bleaching products say that their products have sold quickly in the recent past. However, the big question remains whether the procedure is safe for both men and women. A huge percentage of dermatologists and gynecologists concur with the idea that anal bleaching is a not that safe if done by non-professionals in spas despite its incredible results. Studies on whether anal bleaching is good for men and women report that cases of irritation, burning and formation of scars from the procedure. Additionally, some dermatologists also say that the process can cause more harm than desired.

Other undesirable side effects of the procedure

Cases of strictures or narrowing of the anal passage is a common side effect of the procedure. Again, if the procedure is done in an unclean spa, one risks getting herpes or bacterial infection. The results of the bleaching are not always consistent but vary from one person to another. When the lightening cream is used excessively, it can lead to uneven skin tones and irritation. An individual’s skin type will determine the type of skin tone they will get. Therefore, it is essential for one to monitor their skin until they reach their desired results.

How to reduce instances of side effects

hgshgs67shsaasMost treatment sessions last from 4-8 sessions. Some spas use organic ingredients such as plant extracts, vegetables, and fruits to administer the procedure. It is an excellent way to reduce discomfort caused by irritation. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid shaving the anal region before going for the operation. Anal bleaching can be safe for both men and women if done by certified and trained professionals. Advanced skin care must be observed to reduce cases of undesirable side effects. Is anal bleaching good for men and women is a question to be asked by those desiring to go for the procedure.