Daily life with autism can be difficult for any child. Parents, siblings and other relatives contribute to their everyday lives. Daily life activities for an autistic child can act as a link between the child and the people around him. These activities can help increase the child’s confidence and improve the connection between the child and the people around him. Keep in mind that every autistic child is different so you need to determine his likes and dislikes and try to do the things he enjoys.

Here are some everyday activities for a child with autism:

Activities for preschoolers


Drawing: sketch some pictures on a piece of paper and ensure the pictures are colored to grab his attention. Let him look for a simple item in their room and ensure they learn the name of the item. Kids with severe autism should start with the easiest items they like to keep.

Guessing the name of an object: Ask him to close their eyes and then place an something in their hand and make them guess the name of the product. If your little one is quiet, let him point out the item on a piece of paper on which those things are drawn. This helps them to recognize things in their immediate environment.

Organize parties: organize a party, say a birthday, and invite all of your child’s friends. It is one of the best ways to teach the songs, poems, and rhymes while staying connected with the people around them.

Activity sessions for kids up to three years

Finger painting: Painting with fingers can help kids to identify the different colors. Also, it increases their knowledge and sensing ability.hirhtisejfoaewrwr3r3r3r3r33

Bubble therapy: Bubbles can help your kid’s brain to develop vital learning skills. It creates a response towards what’s happening in their immediate environment like throwing happy emotions.

Use of beans and boxes: Fill a box with beans and toys. Put the kid’s hand in the box and make them search for their favorite toy. This can help increase their sensing ability so they can easily recognize things in their immediate surroundings.

Songs and rhymes: singing is a great way to get him interested in daily activities and improve their social skills. Remember kids are more likely to take more interest in songs with rhymes. This will allow your child to learn new words gradually.
How to choose daily life activities for an autistic child?

Autism is often detected at an early age. These activities can help children with autism develop vital skills and take an interest in the things happening in their surroundings. Since each autistic child has different needs and interests, you need to choose daily life activities carefully.

Here, you need to choose those activities that are mainly made for your child. Let them solve simple puzzles and use games that they like. It is advisable to exercise patience and show your little one unconditional love so they can learn more easily.